Friday, 2 December 2011

I knew there was a six pack hiding under there!

I was always a skinny girl, short & tiny.  And then in 2008 I had a hysterectomy.  As great as the after affects of having no uterus are, the recovery from that surgery was horrible.  I couldn’t do anything for 8 or 9 weeks.  Needless to say, I gained weight.  And even after those 9 weeks, I couldn’t do any regular form of exercise because it just felt weird and painful on my stomach.

From 2008 to 2009 I tried Turbo Jam.  Which was fun at first and worked the hell out of my ass.  But it got boring doing videos in my living room by myself.  I tried going to the gym, but I always felt completely out of place.

In October 2009 I found Moksha Yoga.  I fell in love.  In love with the place, with the people, with the practice.  I found a calmer me, a happier me, a fulfilled me.  I also dropped 2 pants sizes by Christmas 2009, so needless to say....veeeery happy!

From December 2009 to October 2010 I felt my body shifting.  Gaining lean muscle in areas I didn’t have it before.  Being able to do a full flow, chaturunga to up dog and not feel like I’m going to fall on my face or belly flop down is amazing.  Eventually I’ll be doing headstands...or so the lovely Lauren tells me...

I have not lost any more weight though. Well, I know I have, lost weight, and gained muscle mass, but still, I was looking to trim down.  Go down from a size 8 pant to a 6 or 4 (wishful thinking).

So I’m not big, by any means.  And most people were pretty surprised when I told them at the end of October I weighed 148 pounds.  I’m 5'2.  I do have a lot of leg muscle, not much upper body muscle, but yeah, 148 pounds at 5'2 is considered overweight.

So a few friends of mine in Ontario have been promoting Body By Vi through their Facebook and losing weight rapidly and loving their lives.  They got me involved.  I joined, not only as a customer, but as a distributor in Nova Scotia.

The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge involves drinking 2 shakes a day as meal replacements and then eating one healthy third meal.  Let me just say right now, if I hadn’t seen the results for myself on other people on the challenge I wouldn’t have done it.  I’m a skeptic when it comes to shake meal replacements.  But then I tried the shakes!  It’s a powder.  You can mix it with any form of liquid.  Juice, milk, soy or almond milk, water, tea, coffee...there are HUNDREDS of recipes so you never get bored.  Butterfinger, Reese PB Cup, Chai Tea, Ice Capp...need I say more?  Throw it in your blender with some fresh or frozen fruit...good god, I’m thirsty just thinking about it!

I started my Challenge in the last week in October.  It is now the last week in November.  I AM DOWN 10 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!   Not only do I look better.  I FEEL better!!  I have more energy.  My yoga practice has so much more strength behind it!!  My IBS is completely under control (between these shakes and the regular yoga is gone!)

I was getting ready for work this morning, searching through my closet in my bra and panties and caught sight of myself in the mirror and actually said “holy crap!” out loud!  I had to stop what I was doing and just look at my body!! 

I know that it is a combination of my Body By Vi Challenge, and my 30 Day Yoga Challenge that has gotten me this far, but I know that it’s BBV that kick started the weight loss again.

I still have 2 more months in my 90 Day Challenge and I can’t wait to see what I look and feel like at the end of January!!