Sunday, 8 May 2011

LYM Challenge ~ Week Six ~ Live to Learn

Made it through Week 5.  Unfortunately I was sick from Wednesday on!  Didn't get to class Thursday or Friday, but snotted my way through Hot Fusion on Saturday and did a 60 min Power Vinyasa Flow class in my living room on Sunday.  Reach out wasn't a week of a great deal of growth for me.  Being sick didn't help, but also I just wasn't sure how to reach out!  I did make the donation to the two charities for the week, so I did give myself some stickers!

Week 6 is Live to Learn.  This week's challenge is to devote one hour a day to learning something new, either by reading a novel recommended by fellow yogis, researching online or learning from a friend/colleague/yogi on the next mat.

I read A LOT.  I read a lot of fiction, and do find time to pick up non-fiction every now and then when the topic interests me.  I also enjoy watching documentaries, as you know from a previous blog on Enlighten Me (seriously, watch it!).

I have downloaded some of the books from the LYM Facebook page question on what books have affected your life.

This week, I am going to stop reading my trashy novel and start reading THE BOOK OF AWESOME.  I mean seriously, the title alone just screams AWESOME!

I am going to supersize my challenge this week, since reading is something I would normally be doing anyway, and I am going to learn the pronounciation and meaning behind the Sanskrit names for each posture in the Moksha series.  I love the sounds of the Sanskrit names.  The way they flow off the tongue, and I know I am probably pronouncing over half of them wrong.  All 40 poses may be ambitious, but if I eventually take the teaching course as I plan to, this is going to be something I will have to learn then!

Oh and P.S. yes I was quoted on the LYM Challenge Newsletter this week :)  If you haven't read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, pick it up, it is seriously brilliant!

No amount of knowledge will nourish or sustain your spirit, it can never bring you ulimate happiness or peace.  Life requires more than knowledge; it requires intense feeling and constant energy.  Life demands right action if knowledge is to come alive. ~ Dan Millman


  1. I downloaded Enlighten Me, based on your recommendation. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but maybe this week it will be part of my challenge!

  2. Take the time to watch it! I really enjoyed it. Helped me with my non-religion struggle. I think I got more out of what the yogi masters were saying than the guy in the movie! lol!