Saturday, 16 April 2011

Accessible to the Excessive!! :)

Well my fellow LYM Challengees, we did it again!  Made it through another week!  Pillar 2 complete!

I think what will be really interesting about this week is how many of us will continue to make ourselves accessible from now on.  No more bad thoughts about yourself, less bad thoughts about others around you (you know what I'm talking about.  That annoying co-worker, the driver with their blinker on who never moves over)  I have found since beginning my yoga practice last year, I have definitely lightened up on the quick-to-snap-ness.  I still have my bouts of it, but I am also quicker to apologize when the witch with a capital B possesses my body.

I didn't get to nearly as many classes as I wanted to this week (3 so far) but again, I'm not going to beat myself up over it!  I still have Sunday and then it'll be 4 in 7, which is still pretty darn good if you ask me!

So a girlfriend of mine who is currently in her initial first month package deal is nearing the end.  She is quite upset about it because she has fallen in love with Moksha and doesn't want it to stop.  Unfortunately, like most of us, she is on a fixed income and it just isn't in her budget to join.  I want to see her continue with her practice as I really see how much she's getting out of it.  She's happy, she's involved, she's annoying all her non-yogi friends (haha, this part I love the most!).

I know full well, for myself, if it weren't for the studio, the COMMUNITY of Moksha, my practice would definitely suffer.  It's not just about the postures and heat, it's about the energy shared from the class.  And it's a potent energy!!  If you have any doubt of the love and support of the Moksha community, check out the LYM Challenge page on Facebook.  So many people willing to share their experiences, answer questions, be there for complete strangers with a common interest.

I didn't realize I was looking for a community at first.  At first it was about getting into shape.  And it has gotten me into shape.  I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.  But in addition to those benefits, what I have found is a community of people so open and giving of themselves.  I walk into my studio and it's not just the yoga instructors who smile, it's all the other yogi who have come to the studio, whether its for fitness, peace of mind, or some other unknown-to-me reason.

I love knowing my studio is filled with people who are just as happy as I am to be there!  I have friends who think I spend way too much time at my studio, but these same friends will say in the same breath that they see and feel the change in me.

It is simply beautiful!

We are not human beings on the 'spiritual path'
We are 'spiritual  beings' on the human path. ~ Yogi Bhajan