Tuesday, 19 April 2011

YES DRILL SERGEANT!!! ****missed you Emilie****

So tonight was Hot Fusion....dear gawd how I love Hot Fusion!   Hot Fusion is a cardio-style yoga (set to soothing music *love*) I don't think I can put into words the amount of mixed emotions that come up during this class.  It is hard!  It is fun!  It is different every time, using different, harder poses, flowing between those poses in new and awkward ways!

Now everyone breathe and open up to what comes next...

Every time this statement comes out of Emilie's mouth, all I can think is "oh damn! here we go!"   I know the next move is going to be damn near impossible and yet I find myself smiling and looking forward to whatever weird position she's going to put us into next!

Emilie is this tall, beautiful, absolutely SWEET yogi who brings us through flows as if we were in our first week of bootcamp for the army!  Up Dog, Down Dog, Up Dog, Down Dog.  Plank to Hover, Plank to Hover, forward into Up Dog, and back to Down Dog, and again. 

I do believe I mostly owe my newly toned arms to Emilie's classes twice a week!  haha!  The Hot Fusion twice a week is a great cardio style yoga to add spice to my regular practice, which includes 60 min practice and usually a Level 2 and a Yin Yoga practice.

Emilie was away for a week and boy did I miss my Hot Fusion classes!  Thankfully, the lovely Estelle threw some Flow classes in their place that week, which are not as difficult as Fusion, but still, oh so much fun!  Our studio has taken Flow off the schedule *insert sad face here*  This was another class that was an AWESOME addition to my practice as it changed things up and added a difficulty level above the regular Moksha practice.

I know this post isn't about being green...but honestly I just had to praise Emilie tonight.  We missed her and her crazy modified flows!!!

But on the BE GREEN aspect of my blog...since it's supposed to be based around the LYM Challenge...I did NOT give myself a sticker in the action column today, as I got so excited about ordering chinese food at lunch time that I kicked myself in the pants when it showed up in styrofoam!  Dammit!  And I was doing so well! 

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