Saturday, 2 April 2011

Chicken or the Egg?

So how did yoga find me you ask? 

Yoga was something I always admired.  I admired the concept of the exercise and spirituality.  I envied the flexibility and sense of peace that radiated off of yogis.  But I always thought, nah, I couldn't do that.

Then I went to a movie.  Yup!  A movie!   Eat Pray Love.  I sat in the movie theatre and watched as Julia Roberts "found herself" in India at an Ashram and then onto Bali.  If I remember correctly, at no point in the movie was there even any yoga shown.  It was more on the spriritual side and chanting and meditation.  She found peace within herself and the ability to forgive.  This started my path. 

I had walked by the Halifax Moksha studio numerous times when visiting Pete's Fruitique, so I decided to look it up online. I went to my first Moksha Yoga class all by myself one evening in the Dartmouth studio.  It was intimidating!!  But the yoga instructors and staff were SO friendly!  The room was so incredibly hot!!  Moksha is sauna heat, not the infra-red heat, so it was exceptionally warm!  I put my mat at the back corner of the class and did my best to follow along.  I made it through the class, from the first savasana to the last and all the mindblowing poses in between!  I left that class with a feeling of euphoria.  I did it!  Not only did I do it, but I felt like I was good at it!

This was for ME!  My body felt amazing, but besides that, my HEART felt amazing, my SPIRIT was lifted....I WAS HOOKED!


  1. I LOVED that movie! I took a year long backpacking trip around the world, which included a very spiritual portion thru Thailand. I found myself nodding through the whole movie & it has also reinforced & motivated my dedication to meditation of which Yoga is a supporting practice. Kind of like how people who golf like to watch tin-cup or the masters on T.V! I also LOVED the heat & humidity of Thailand (a place I would very much like to live for an extended period in my life) & so Moksha Yoga is a brilliant "home for my soul" as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that comment! Moksha Yoga is a brilliant "home for my soul" What a beautiful statement and it resonates with me completely! Thank you!